Tilted Towers destroyed in Fortnite Season 8 Finale

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Fortnite Season 8 ended with a literal bang this past week when the Battle Royale island’s newly formed volcano finally erupted. After being threatened with destruction for almost 4 seasons now, Tilted Towers was finally turned into a smoldering crater by the ensuing lava flow. Meanwhile, the mysterious Vault unearthed at Loot Lake was finally opened, which led to even more questions about the mysterious forces that have been at play throughout Fortnite’s loose plot. Read on for a recap of these game-changing events and see what could be in store for Season 9.

Fortnite Lava

Tilted Towers destroyed in Fortnite Season 8 Finale

For those who haven’t been following along, the Fortnite island’s volcano has been threatening to erupt for some time now. Plumes of ominous black smoke were spotted emanating from the volcano several weeks ago, and the smoke became thicker and darker as the finale approached. Simultaneously, the mysterious organization that built the research facility at Dusty Divot returned, conducting a massive excavation at Loot Lake.

The dig revealed an alien-looking, high tech vault that was unlocked via a series of spaceship-like keys. After all the locks were opened, a timer began counting down and the vault itself opened. Take a look at the entire sequence of events in the video below:

After the Vault opened, players stepped into a portal and were transported into an alternate dimension that looked very much like the one from the Season 6 finale. At the center of this strange dimension was a giant swirling energy orb, as well as six glass pillars each containing an item that had been previously removed from the game. Items included the X-4 Stormwing and the Jump Pad, and players worked together to destroy the case of the item they chose to unvault. Players overwhelmingly chose the Drum Gun, a cross between an Assault Rifle and SMG based on the iconic Tommy Gun.

After the Drum Gun’s pillar was destroyed, players were instantly teleported back to the Battle Royale island just in time to watch the volcano dramatically erupt. The resulting explosions launched molten lava rocks to several locations around the island: Retail Row, Polar Peak, and most notably, Tilted Towers. The island’s skies remained black with ash for some time after the eruption was finished.

fortnite season 8 volcano eruption finale
Image courtesy Epic Games

Players that visit the eruption sites will find burned, blackened craters and pools of lava. In the case of Tilted Towers, most of the city’s iconic buildings have been totally destroyed and replaced with ruins, burnt-out car wreckage, and ravaged wasteland. Veteran players will know that this isn’t the first time Tilted has been threatened with destruction: it was rumored to be the site of Season 3’s meteor strike and was almost leveled during Season 4’s missile launch event.

fortnite season 8 tilted towers volcano finale
Image courtesy Epic Games

As for the unvaulting event, it’s left us with more questions than answers. Though the alternate dimension is almost certainly related to Season 6’s finale event, we’re still no closer to discovering the true nature of this dimension, or the purpose of the government organization that discovered it. We’re hoping that Season 9 delves further into these questions, as this dimension and other cosmic forces have been teased since at least Season 4.

Though details on the upcoming Season 9 remain murky, our personal theory is some sort of post-apocalypse theme. Season 8’s Discovery challenges unlocked the Ruin skin, who is apparently some sort of demonic harbinger of doom and destruction. In addition, a post-apocalypse theme would fit nicely with the new wasteland areas and total destruction that just got rained down on much of the island.

fortnite season 8 volcano finale
Image courtesy Epic Games

There are still a few days left until Season 9 is unveiled, but until then, players can try their hand at Season 8’s Overtime Challenges. This extra challenge set allows players to unlock alternate versions of a few of Season 8’s Battle Pass skins. Players can also use this extra time to continue knocking out Season 8 challenges for a last-chance at the Tier 100 Luxe skin. Be sure to check back with Softonic in the coming days to get the latest Fortnite Season 9 news.

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