Every Fortnite finale event from every season

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Fortnite has made a name for itself in the Battle Royale world by capping its seasons with large-scale, dramatic finale events. From a meteor strike all the way to a devastating volcanic eruption, we’re recapping all of these spectacular events so far.

All Fortnite finale events so far

Season 3: Meteor Strikes

fortnite season 3 meteor
Image courtesy Epic Games

The Leadup: Players who have been around since Season 3 will doubtless remember the infamous “Meteor Conspiracy.” In the leadup to the end of Season 3, players began to notice a glowing object in the skies above the island. Soon after, camps with telescopes and other sky-watching equipment began to appear around the map. Players that aimed a scoped weapon at the unidentified object were also able to hear a strange pulsing noise. Telescope camps continued to appear around the map, and players began to speculate that the incoming meteor would wipe out the newly added Tilted Towers.

The Event:

In the weeks before the Finale, small meteorites began to hit areas all around the map, specifically the areas around Tilted Towers and Dusty Depot. The meteorites would cause damage to buildings, trees, and even players if hit.

Finally, the finale proper occurred, though offscreen: the big daddy meteor itself hit Dusty Depot head-on, decimating the buildings there and turning it into the crater now known as Dusty Divot. Smaller chunks of the meteor broke off and took out other locations around the map, which created a huge shift in the landscape for Season 4. Though certainly not as ambitious in scope as some of Fortnite’s other finales, this meteor strike was the first time a game-changing event like this had been seen in the world of Fortnite.

Season 4: Missile Launch

fortnite season 4 rift
Image courtesy Epic Games

The Leadup: Arguably the king of all Fortnite finales, Season 4’s missile launch was the culmination of the season’s heroes vs. villains theme. Appearing in the villain lair location near Snobby Shores, construction on the rocket occurred continuously throughout the season. Soon enough, an ominous siren could be heard emanating from the lair, and computers inside the base began displaying a countdown.

The Event:

As the countdown ended, the missile rocketed skyward from its silo. At first, Tilted Towers once again seemed doomed, as the missile’s trajectory seemed to be pointing directly at the city.

In a shocking twist, however, a mysterious portal opened at the last second and sent the missile careening off course before detonating and opening a massive glowing rift in the sky above the island. These events set the stage for Season 5’s time-travel theme, and kicked off Fortnite’s tradition of live finale events in absolutely spectacular fashion.

Season 5: The Cube

fortnite season 6 cube
Image courtesy Epic Games

The Leadup: As Season 5 drew to a close, some wild weather rolled in across the Fortnite map. Namely, lightning bolts began to strike seemingly random areas around the map. Eventually, the strikes increased in frequency before finally centralizing on a lonely mesa in the Paradise Palms desert region. As the strikes pummeled the plateau, The Cube finally appeared.

This giant purple monolith seemingly had a mind of its own, rolling across the map and imprinting certain areas with glowing glyphs as it went. Dubbed “Kevin” by the game’s fanbase, the Cube’s path meandered all over the map before finally making a beeline toward Loot Lake.

The Event:

As the Cube ended its journey, it rolled out onto the surface of the Lake itself before melting like a glowing scoop of purple ice-cream, covering the Lake’s surface in an ethereal covering. Players were delighted to find that this covering, like the Cube itself, was bouncy. Essentially, Loot Lake had become a giant jump pad for a short time. Unbeknownst to players, however, the Cube wasn’t done yet…

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Season 6: The Portal

The Leadup:

Turns out, the Cube hadn’t melted at all. It submerged beneath the surface of the Lake and headed skyward, taking the Lake’s central island with it and leaving a swirling purple whirlpool behind. Kevin and the now floating island continued to travel around the map as Season 6 rolled on, activating sinister energy portals at the locations where it had previously left glyphs. After activating each portal, the stage was set, and Kevin returned to the Lake to unleash hell on the Battle Royale map.

The Event:

Kevin’s journey finally culminated in the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event, which had players battling hordes of ghouls all across the map to earn some spooky rewards. All the while, Kevin’s island continued to float above the surface of Loot Lake, which had now almost entirely split apart into gigantic chunks.

As the event came to an end, so did Kevin. The Cube’s purple surface began to crack and then finally exploded in a huge burst of energy, transporting players into an alternate dimension that seemed to have something to do with the rifts from Season 5. After chasing down a floating energy butterfly, players were returned to a much more peaceful Battle Royale island. Kevin was no more, and in his place stood a tranquil meadow over the remnants of Loot Lake.

Season 7: The Ice Storm/Earthquakes

fortnite season 7 ice storm
Image courtesy Epic Games

The Leadup: Season 7 got off to a chilly start. While Kevin the Cube was wreaking havoc across the map, some eagle-eyed players spotted a glacier looming off the island’s southern coast. After Season 6 wrapped up, that glacier slammed into the coast of the island, bringing with it a huge new snow biome and several new areas. Chief among them was a giant castle known as Polar Peak. As the season progressed, more areas of the castle were revealed as the ice encasing them melted. Turns out that the castle’s owner wasn’t happy about the sudden thaw, however…

The Event:

A floating energy orb soon appeared above the castle’s courtyard, with a shadowy figure encased inside. In addition to the orb, there was a countdown, and when the numbers reached zero, the Ice King emerged from his slumber. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased.

Taking form as a giant figure of snow and ice, Polar Peak’s lord blanketed the map in ice and snow… as well as hordes of ice creatures similar to those from the Fortnitemares event. For several days, players beat back the frozen hordes, and eventually, the ice thawed… but it soon became clear that the Ice King was using the ice to keep someone very powerful imprisoned. This someone was The Prisoner, who set off across the map to wreak havoc of his own.

Season 8: The Volcano

fortnite season 8 volcano
Image courtesy Epic Games

The Leadup: As The Prisoner shed his chains, he revealed his true form as The Fire King, a balance to his icy counterpart. He made his home in the midst of Wailing Woods, and brought about some massive changes to the map. As earthquakes shook the map, a gigantic fiery volcano emerged in the midst of the forest, which had now become a tangled jungle. Things seemed relatively peaceful for a while, until a black helicopter was spotted circling the outskirts of the map. This chopper bore the same insignias as the organization that had set up the Dusty Divot research facility in Season 4, and seemed to be searching for something. As it traveled across the map, dig sites began appearing in its wake, and meanwhile, black plumes of smoke began emanating from the mouth of the volcano.

The Event:

The chopper soon reached its final destination: Loot Lake. A huge excavation site soon appeared, and Loot Lake was no more. Instead, a futuristic-looking bunker of some sort was revealed at the center of the excavation. As several locks surrounding the bunker were opened, a timer appeared overhead, with the volcano’s smoke getting darker and thicker as it counted down. When the timer hit zero, a portal opened over the bunker, transporting players into an alternate dimension.

This dimension housed The Vault, which contained relics and items of seasons past. Together, players worked to free a particular item to return to the game: in this case, the Drum Gun made a triumphant return. Players were then teleported back to the world just in time to watch the volcano erupt, completely wiping out Tilted Towers and part of Retail Row. This set the stage for Season 9, which is set several years in the future and showcases cyberpunk cities built over the volcanic wreckage.

There are no hints yet as to how Season 9 will come to a close, but if Fortnite’s previous finales are any indication, it’ll be spectacular.

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