Finale c 2011

Professional music composition software

If you're looking for the most professional music composition software possible then you can't go far wrong with Finale. View full description


  • Produces highly professional results
  • Hundreds of features
  • Latest version is much more user friendly
  • Extensive Help documentation


  • Steep learning curve


If you're looking for the most professional music composition software possible then you can't go far wrong with Finale.

Finale is strictly a tool for professionals, and beginners to music composition will quickly find themselves overwhelmed. It has however been made easier to use in recent releases and Finale 2011 is probably the most user friendly version yet. There are also several major improvements in the latest version including Improved Lyric Entry and Spacing, Instant Capo Chords and Expanded Percussion Playback.

Certainly Finale is still probably one of the most powerful cross platform tools for turning ideas into music. There are literally hundreds of features in Finale's rather crowded interface which make it very intimidating at first. However, Finale 2011 has made things much quicker and more intuitive meaning you can get more music written in half the time. Many of the old keyboard shortcuts have also been replaced by one click actions meaning you don't have to remember all those "Alt" key functions.

Finale 2011 is the best version of Finale yet although beginners should be prepared for a very steep but worthwhile learning curve.


  • Improved Lyric Entry and Spacing
  • Garritan sounds
  • New Fonts
  • Expanded Percussion Playback
  • Instant Capo Chords
  • Easier Staff Layout
  • Music Education Worksheets
  • Finale AlphaNotes Font
  • Updated Aria Player
  • Improved Pickup measures and more

With more power and speed than ever before, Finale offers endless possibilities for composing, arranging, hearing and printing your music. The original, groundbreaking notation software introduces new features that nurture and fuel creativity. Finale 2007 includes revolutionary tools for teaching students how to create, evaluate and shape ideas into songs, arrangements and compositions.

The largest publishers, including Hal Leonard engrave with Finale. Prestigious schools like Juilliard and Berklee College of Music teach with Finale. World-class arts organizations such as the Metropolitan Opera and Jazz at Lincoln Center rely on Finale.



Finale c 2011

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    it's the best I use very much from this software and i think Finale is the best program between the other program.   More.